Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Transform your iPhone/iTouch into SOS Strobe

While you in emergency status or you need ask someone to help,you can use this app to transform your iphone or iTouch into sos strobe to ask help.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Find Your True Love HD Top Pank APP for iPad

Want to make someone fool or do some practical jokes with your friends, family members, colleagues and neighbors or even with your enemies?
Gift this App for April Fools Day Pranks.
Making fun of and/or laughing at friends, co-workers, loved ones or even yourself!

Call Forwarding Assistant route calls made to your iPhone number to a different phone number

Call Forwarding Assistant lets you route all calls made to your iPhone number to a different number.It allows you to setup call forwarding with one click.You can setup call forwarding destination from your contacts.
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1)When you're home.You can forward it to your home number so you can use any extension in the house, and so you don't miss any calls while the iPhone is turned off or charging.
2)When you send your iPhone to Apple for battery replacement, you can forward the calls to your home or work phone number.
3)When you're traveling, you can forward the number to one of the Web-based services that answers your voicemail and sends it to you as an email attachment
4)When you're going to be in a place with little or no cell coverage , you can forward the calls to your hotel or a friend's cellphone. (Forwarded calls eat up your allotment of minutes, though.)